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World Football Federation WTF

There has been a ridiculous amount of money spent and lost on failed professional American football leagues and franchises over the last half-century. The XFL, USFL and WFL are some of the more infamous and the latest one, the AAF; Alliance of American Football, couldn’t make it through their first season.

We know that fans love football because of the Planet NFL. We know that fans love the flashy stars, the big, bone crushing hits, the impossible receptions, the running back screaming towards the endzone with tacklers falling off him like unmotivated ticks. We love the personalities, the in-fighting, the “types”; like the bad boy, the all-American boy, the model with flowing blonde hair or long dreads, the dirty fighter, the lover-boy, the Service Veteran, the cowboy, the really short guy with an attitude, the gangstaz, the cerebral guys, the leviathans and on and on.

Well there is this Class D league called “The World Football Federation.” They are good athletes, but are under-funded, under-marketed and their P.A. announcers, trying to be all cool and XFL, are just plain amateur, JPA-style.

There is, however, one super valuable thing about this league, but they are not taking advantage of it. This D-class league is called the World Football Federation, which is the World Wrestling Federation, with “Wrestling,” replaced by “Football.” It’s legit football right now, but just think about what the McMahon Family could do with a group of young athletes, who play football at a high level. Imagine the kind of amazing, choreographed fireworks and insane plays that could go on when the offense and defense are dancing as one, as they do in the WWF.

Imagine a massive rusher throws linemen out of the way, then picks up the QB and pile-drives him headfirst. Then, the massive rusher climbs on his teammate’s shoulders and jumps off, body slamming the reposed QB. But wait, when they scrape the QB up, he doesn’t have the ball. Then, downfield you see the little guy with the attitude, taking the ball out from under his shirt, while standing in the endzone… huh!? Do you see what I’m saying? Are you starting to see the potential here? Think about if you could design a play. No limitations other than gravity. You don’t have to worry about the play working; of course it’s going to work. It just needs to look good… and believable, if possible… same rules as WWF.

I admit, I detest watching the WWF, but you can’t argue with success; and they are a success. They know the formula. The WFF, if handled the same way? I have to admit, I’d pay to see that.

McMahon Family; all I want is a little residual. That’s fair, right?

Cheers, Marsh

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