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The Case for A. Rod Fatigue

With the possible exception of matchbook covers, Alex Rodriguez was all over every kind of media you can think of, during most of 2018. During 2016-2017, he was an analyst on Fox Sports and he would do one or two studio shows a week. He was a legit star on the Fox broadcast and a couple studio appearances a week felt about right. Along comes 2018 and A. Rod was named as a Sunday Night Baseball analyst on ESPN for the 2018 season, working with Jessica Mendoza and Matt Vasgersian. That trio started out weak, which could be expected, but they also ended the season weak; and there weren’t a whole lot of high points in the middle, either.

So, naturally, ESPN decided that anything worth doing is worth overdoing and added an interview show for A. Rod, plus a co-hosting gig on “Get Up” where he got in a heated argument with Cubs Skipper, Joe Maddon and managed to get criticized by Lance Armstrong, which isn’t easy to do. Ever the over-achiever, A. Rod decided to host a sports business podcast with “Big Cat” of Barstool Sports. Personally, I was proud of him for that, but that’s not the point.

The point is, geez… a little A. Rod goes a long way. By the end of the year, after a month of Postseason MLB coverage, weekly games in the booth, daily studio shows and podcasts, while still being in the news for job-related stuff (like the Maddon argument), we are all starting to get a little burned out on A. Rod, despite what a swell guy he is. And if you notice, we haven’t even mentioned the beautiful, superstar fiancée … what’s her name again…?

SO... nominees for the couple you would most like to see splashed with mud, by a passing limousine: LO-ROD!

This article written by contributing satirical writer Marsh Brodeur, and does not directly represent the views or opinions of The Winning Seat. But kinda’.

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