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The Internet Never Forgets - A Cautionary Tale

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

In 2013, 15 year old, Charlie McAvoy passionately proclaimed his distaste for a certain NHL team not too far north of his hometown.

“I hate the bruins so much”.

At the time, the New York native was simply a high school kid and pro hockey-hopeful bitter about the Bruins beating his beloved Rangers in a 2013 Eastern Conference game. His feelings were forced to take a turn in 2016 when he was recruited by the very team that he had haphazardly expressed his hatred for on social media.

Shortly after being drafted to the NHL, questions arose about the resurrected tweet on McAvoy's timeline. The young player brazenly brushed off reporters responding that he and his new team were able to laugh it off during development camp. But the Bruins presence in the Stanley Cup Playoffs have resulted in the recovery of the careless tweet along with a cautionary tale of the compelling irony of it all.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't hopped on the St. Louis Blues bandwagon at this point in the season along with the rest of hockey fans everywhere outside of New England. The St. Louis Blues, were swept by Boston in the Stanley Cup Finals almost 50 years ago and haven't seen one since.

Between the Cinderella story that is St. Louis and young Charlie McAvoy's standout defensive skills in front of goaltender, Tuukka Rask, it should be a solid series. Not to mention the inevitable unfiltered antics by Bruins' forward, Brad Marchand - who is known for LITERALLY LICKING the face of an opponent on more than one occasion (but I'll save that sick story for another day).

Obviously every passionate fan is subject to strong feelings towards rival teams, players and places whether they are superficial or rationalized, but when it comes to taking to Twitter to express your opinions, consider your athletic ability. If there is even a chance that you could potentially make it as far as the pros and play for a team you detest, then keep your feelings off your feed. As for the rest of us talentless losers, we can fill our feeds with our outrageous rants and opinions and disregard the fact that the internet never forgets.

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