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Shut Your Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth, yes, Smash Mouth, the forgettable band from the late 90's with the unfortunately unforgettable song from the Shrek soundtrack, decided to take to Twitter to bash baseball star Bryce Harper. In an attempt to temporarily boost their pop-culture profile, they rip on Harper and his decision to go to the Phillies over the Giants. The washed-up rock(ish?) band literally wrote a song telling All Stars to "get paid" and then unsoundly suggest that he is a sell-out "swimming in a sea of boos" in the City of Brotherly Love.

Yo Bryce.......told you not to go to Philly jackass! The @SFGiants fans NEVER boo their own players! You we're lead by $ only so swim in the sea of boos now! How much do you love your agent now?? Worth the taxes you avoided? How's that 45min drive to the stadium?lol @bryceharper3

If we know anything about Philly fans, and I do because I am one, it's that we'll boo anything that walks. Hell, we'll boo anything that doesn't walk! We'll boo a damn baby if it doesn't impress us!

On Tuesday, Harper snapped out of the brief slugger's slump he was experiencing and hit a grand slam in St. Louis. One can only assume his hard-hitting was fueled by the banter of the irrelevant band.....

The Phillies posted the play on their own Twitter feed with an appropriate rebuttal.

Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. #RingTheBell

The tweet blew up bringing the band more hype than the song that still haunts us all after 10 years. But the wealth of witty gifs and priceless replies warrant them to wear the shape of an "L" on their own freakin' foreheads.

Do yourself a favor and read every single brilliant response on this thread:

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